Yuppies Burst Williamsburg's Borders, Spilling Out in All Directions

"Williamsburg," an upscale lifestyle brand named after a long-lost neighborhood in Brooklyn, long ago outgrew its apocryphal status as a home to underpaid fauxhemians and became home to wall-to-wall overpaid yuppies. Thankfully, there is more space in Williamsburg for rich people than ever before. » 3/13/14 10:33am 3/13/14 10:33am

Christmas Tree Sellers In NYC - Gizmodo Photo Essay

Gizmodo photo editor Nick Stango collects and shares what he learned about the people who descend on our fair town to sell us Christmas Trees. The vendors he visited are mainly in lower Manhattan and north Brooklyn, but still show a wide variety in how this business goes down. » 12/10/13 2:09pm 12/10/13 2:09pm

A New Music Outpost Opens In Williamsburg

Rough Trade record store / music emporium has opened on N 9th in Williamsburg, and based on these photos from Gizmodo's Mario Aguilar, it actually looks pretty legit. You can shop vinyl, cds, instruments, as well as books and art in this massive reclaimed industrial space. » 11/27/13 8:26am 11/27/13 8:26am

So, Did You Know Rubulad Was Still A Thing?

Me neither. This was much more of a surprise than the mild racism in this fetishistic east asian hippie chinoiserie invitation... » 11/21/13 2:13pm 11/21/13 2:13pm

It's Friday, And So We Get A New 'Ask A Native New Yorker' From…

The weekly "Ask A Native New Yorker" post on Gothamist by the excellent native Park Slopian(?) Jake Dobkin is easily my favorite thing in blogs for 2013. The 'Ask' entries as of late have been excellent opportunities for Dobkin to write about the real issues that basically infect the minds of the people, who, for… » 11/15/13 2:50pm 11/15/13 2:50pm

Dolphin Stuck in Coney Island Creek Has Made It Back Out To Sea UPDATE:…

A dolphin who found himself stuck in the Coney Island Creek during low tide yesterday has escaped with the help of the NYPD and high tide. This is great news, as several other dophins that have found themselves trapped in our shallower waterways haven't fared as well. » 11/15/13 11:20am 11/15/13 11:20am

Chicago 'Pizza' vs. NY Pizza Debate Not A Debate, Jon Stewart Reminds Us

This whole Chicago deep dish 'pizza' vs New York actual pizza debate is ridiculous. Whatever that bloodied cheesecake thing THINKS it is, its certainly not pizza. Jon Stewart articulates this much more elegantly than I ever could, but lets be real - there is no real comparison. » 11/14/13 12:05pm 11/14/13 12:05pm

New York's Feelings, According To Your Tweets

Turns out you're pretty bummed out when you're tweeting in the cemetery (wtf) and really like tweeting happy shit in the park. » 11/14/13 11:52am 11/14/13 11:52am

Median Income Map Is The Best Gentrification Map Yet

According to a WNYC report, the median income of the typical NYC household is down as much as 10% in some neighborhoods, and up about 5% in a select few neighborhoods that you've definitely read a New York Times trend piece about. » 11/14/13 10:51am 11/14/13 10:51am

Utility Monopoly Charges More Than Everyone Else, Because They Can

Con Edison charges New Yorkers 25.65 cents per kilowatt hour vs the national average of 11.88 cents per kilowatt hour. This is a fun fact, considering we don't have a choice! » 11/13/13 10:04am 11/13/13 10:04am