24 Hours on the New York City Subway: A Photo Diary


Train delays and tourists are usually responsible for slowing down a New Yorker's commute — but the Olympus OM-D E-M10 would never do something like that. It's lightweight and compact — and if there's anywhere you can appreciate mobility, it's on the subway. Olympus loaned photographer Victor G. Jeffreys (of Dodge &… »3/26/14 6:02pm3/26/14 6:02pm

New York City Now Has a 24-Hour ATM That Dispenses Cupcakes

If you were to ask a cross-section of New Yorkers what's the single product in existence they'd most like to see dispensed from a 24-Hour ATM, what would be the over/under on the number of people who'd say cupcakes? Has to be 75%, lowball, right? Well, today that nascent dream is a reality, my friends. »3/26/14 2:07pm3/26/14 2:07pm

Yuppies Burst Williamsburg's Borders, Spilling Out in All Directions

"Williamsburg," an upscale lifestyle brand named after a long-lost neighborhood in Brooklyn, long ago outgrew its apocryphal status as a home to underpaid fauxhemians and became home to wall-to-wall overpaid yuppies. Thankfully, there is more space in Williamsburg for rich people than ever before. »3/13/14 10:33am3/13/14 10:33am

A Whole Year of Taxi Rides in New York City Mapped

New York's fleet of iconic yellow taxis are still the city's reliable, non-surge priced transportation backbone. Its 13,500 medallion taxis make 170 million trips a year, every single one of them mapped in this beautiful new visualization from the folks at the MIT Senseable City Lab. The interactive map isn't just… »3/12/14 2:48pm3/12/14 2:48pm

Validating Your Paranoia, Man Survives Oncoming R Train By Lying In The Gap

Every New Yorker spends at least half of their time waiting for a train playing out different scenarios wherein which their lives are threatened and how they managed to get out of them in their heads. There are no exceptions – you definitely do this. If you don't do this, what are you a tourist? Pay attention! Obsess… »12/16/13 10:43am12/16/13 10:43am

Curbed Treats Us To Photos of 82 Years of the Rockefeller Center Tree

The Rockefeller Center Christmas tree is getting lit up tomorrow night - the true herald that Christmas in New York has BEGUN. Curbed has a collection of photos of the tree through the years, a tradition, according to the article, started by the laborers constructing the center, the first tree erected unofficially in… »12/03/13 5:20pm12/03/13 5:20pm

Updates On The Spuyten Duyvil Crash : Speed, Fatigue Main Factors

Details emerging in the aftermath of the fatal derailment of a Hudson Line Metro North train on Sunday night include that the train was speeding as it approached the tricky curve where the crash occurred, and that the engineer driving the train was also drowsy and may have dozed off, waking too late to hit the brakes. »12/03/13 5:02pm12/03/13 5:02pm

One WTC Spooking Out Neighbors With Spooky Windy Whistling

A sound produced by what is most likely the worlds largest accidental whistle has been reported by residents of the neighborhood immediately around the nearly complete One World Trade Center. Only occurring on particularly blistery days, its safe to say that while i'm sure the ghosts of New Yorker's past would… »12/03/13 4:46pm12/03/13 4:46pm

Hudson Line Train Derails Near Spuyten Duyvil Station, Kills Four

It's been a bad year for the Metro North. Following a freight train derailment near the Spuyten Duyvil station in the Bronx in July, and a massive power outage on the New Haven line in September, a passenger train derailed early this morning, also near the Spuyten Duyvil train station, injuring over 60 passengers and… »12/01/13 10:58am12/01/13 10:58am

Pig 'n' Whistle Waitress Fights Dine-And-Ditch Termination With Fire

Three assholes decided to have their drinks on the house after work one day, downing about $96 worth of Blue Moon and Fireball and ditching the bill, leaving waitress Suzanne Parratt responsible for payment, according to Pig 'n' Whistle company policy. Parratt refused to pay, and was subsequently terminated. »11/27/13 8:44am11/27/13 8:44am